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Add by gender most use name analysis

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......@@ -120,3 +120,20 @@ lines(FreqMichel$annais, FreqMichel$nb_name, col="green")
legend(1990,30000,legend = c("Nathan","André","Michel"), col=c("red","blue","green"),lty=1)
First of all we can see that André and Michel were used a lot more than the name Nathan never was. We can also observe that the name Nathan was not used since 90s and the usage of name michel stop in 80s and in 70s for André. I was born during the growth of popularity of the name Nathan where my name started to become trendy. For André it was during a little spike of popularity during the long decrease of usage from 1930 to 1970. For Michel it was also during the beginning of big growth of popularity of the name with a peak of 33000 between 1945 and 1955. After that it started to decrease significantly.
## Establishing by gender the most given firstname per year
First we organise data in a way that we have for each firstname the number of times he has been given for each year. For doing that we do the same thing as before but on all preusuel and we must also filter the gender (in case of name use for both gender).
NamesPerYear = FirstNames %>% group_by(annais,sexe,preusuel) %>%
summarise(nb = sum(nombre))
Now we can establish the most given names by year. For doing that we must group the number of firstname by annais and sexe. After that we take the maximum of these groups (name the most given).
NbMostGiven = NamesPerYear %>% group_by(annais, sexe) %>% filter(nb == max(nb))
When we look at this table we can see that Jean and Marie were the most used names from 1900 to 1960. After that we can see that there is some name that become trendy for a few years. From 1991 i started to face some problems, indeed the _PRENOMS_RARES category seems to to go past "real names". For going through this problem we can remove them by remove this category. I keep them because i think that it show something interesting. Indeed this can show that from 1990 to 2020 that people tend to gave more "exotic" names than before.
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