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Journée Kickoff PySciDataGre
:date: 2018-03-08
:modified: 2018-03-20
:tags: Python
:category: Training
Groupe Python "PySciDataGre"
"Lancement officiel" du groupe PySciDataGre, Python scientifique et données de Grenoble, via une journée de conférence où interviennent des représentants alpins d'un large panel de champs disciplinaires sur ce qui se fait en Python en sciences et en analyse de données.
Les vidéos sont ici :
Lieu : Batiment IMAG 700 avenue Centrale Saint Martin d'hères
09:00 Accueil Café
09:30 Introduction (Eric Maldonado, OSUG-Irstea) slides
09:50 How to build a successful scientific software package: the scikit-learn model (Alexandre Gramfort, INRIA) slides
10:40 Transition de Matlab à Python - quelques exemples simples (Brigitte Bidegaray-Fesquet, LJK) slides
11:00 Visualisez un milliard (et au-delà) d'évènements en Python : de l'idée au prototype interactif (Renaud Blanch, LIG) slides
11:25 Jupyter (Raphael Bacher, Data Institute) slides
12:00 Déjeuner
13:30 Optimizing the core of Python Scientific Stack (Serge Guelton, Namek - Quarkslab) slides
14:20 Synchrotron and optics Imaging of biological materials (Aurélien Gourrier, LiPHY) slides
14:45 Traitements SIG appliqués à la modélisation spatiale des domaines skiables (Hugues François, Irstea) slides
15:10 Yade, a C++/Python code for Numerical modeling of granular and multiphase systems (Bruno Chareyre, 3SR) slides
15:35 Pause café
15:55 Laboratory experiments in the Coriolis platform with Python (Pierre Augier, LEGI) slides
16:20 Chasing exoplanets with Python and machine learning (Carlos Gomez, IPAG, Data Institute) slides
16:45 Conclusion
Working sessions
:date: 2018-06-03
:modified: 2018-06-03
:tags: Python
:category: Working
Working sessions
Make sure to subscribe to the python newsletter to know when you can register to the next session.
Attendance is totally free but registration is mandatory and is on a first come first serve basis.
Help us communicate
Please talk about our Python group with your colleagues. You can also print this poster and put it up somewhere at work.
Join our Python working sessions in Grenoble
Each month, we will organize one working session of 2 hours .
Please find the guidelines for these sessions:
Everyone is welcome (beginners to advanced users).
Presentations/tutorials will last 30 to 60 min, on some R topics that can be useful to many people, with practical examples.
We want to have a lightning talk (5 min) after the main session so that people can quickly present how they use R in their work (or a specific package, etc.).
If you wish to share your Python experience during a working session and/or to co-animate a working session, please contact us.
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