Commit cbf68800 authored by Franck Thollard's avatar Franck Thollard
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initial add of buggy dask

parent dfc28a33
build: dtw_cort.pyx
python3 develop
python3 ../data.npy -s dists_cython.npz
python3 ../data.npy -s dists_cython.npz
rm -rf build dtw_cort.c dtw_cort.*.so
rm -f dists_cython.npz
rm -f dtw_cort.html
#!/usr/bin/env python3
from functools import partial
from runpy import run_path
from pathlib import Path
import dask
from dask import delayed
from dask.distributed import Client
import numpy as np
from dtw_cort import cort, DTWDistance
util = run_path(Path(__file__).absolute().parent.parent / "")
def serie_pair_index_generator(number):
""" generator for pair index (i, j) such that i < j < number
:param number: the upper bound
:returns: pairs (lower, greater)
:rtype: a generator
return (
(_idx_greater, _idx_lower)
for _idx_greater in range(number)
for _idx_lower in range(_idx_greater)
def distances(series, idx_s1, idx_s2, res_dtw, res_cort):
"""Computes the distances (dtw and cort) of series s1, and s2
and puts result in res_mat_dtw and res_mat_cort
:series: (np array) series
:idx_s1: index of first serie in series
:idx_s2: index of second serie in series
:res_sult: (tuple) idx_s1, idx_s2, dtw and cort between series[s1] and series[s2]
dist_dtw = DTWDistance(series[idx_s1], series[idx_s2])
dist_cort = 0.5 * (1 - cort(series[idx_s1], series[idx_s2]))
res_dtw[idx_s1, idx_s2] = dist_dtw
res_dtw[idx_s2, idx_s1] = dist_dtw
res_cort[idx_s1, idx_s2] = dist_cort
res_cort[idx_s2, idx_s1] = dist_cort
return True
def compute(series, nb_series):
client = Client(threads_per_worker=4, n_workers=1)
gen = serie_pair_index_generator(nb_series)
_dist_mat_dtw = np.zeros((nb_series, nb_series), dtype=np.float64)
_dist_mat_cort = np.zeros((nb_series, nb_series), dtype=np.float64)
inputs = ((series, t1, t2) for t1, t2 in gen)
res = [delayed(distances)(s, t1, t2, _dist_mat_dtw, _dist_mat_cort)
for s, t1, t2 in inputs]
return _dist_mat_dtw, _dist_mat_cort
main = partial(util["main"], compute)
if __name__ == "__main__":
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