Commit 0f89ea1c authored by Cyrille Bonamy's avatar Cyrille Bonamy
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update mpi algo

parent 4fc0cdee
......@@ -18,15 +18,15 @@ def serie_pair_index_generator(number, rank, size):
:returns: pairs (lower, greater)
:rtype: a generator
start = rank*number//size
end = min(number, (rank+1)*number//size)
start = rank*number//(size*2)
end_inf = min((number+1)//2, (rank+1)*((number+1)//2)//size)
end_sup = min(number//2, (rank+1)*number//(size*2))
return (
(_idx_greater, _idx_lower)
for _idx_greater in range(start, end)
for _idx_greater in (i for j in (range(start, end_inf), range(number-1-start, number-1-end_sup, -1)) for i in j)
for _idx_lower in range(_idx_greater)
def DTWDistance(s1, s2):
""" Computes the dtw between s1 and s2 with distance the absolute distance
......@@ -6,12 +6,6 @@
- [?] Make a page in our website with the presentations
- [Cyrille] Create a virtual machine (Ubuntu, cf.
+ one has to be able to download it from the web
+ link in the README.
- [Eric, Raphaël] 12_pandas.ipynb !
- [Pierre] 20_packaging.ipynb : add documentation and testing
......@@ -28,7 +22,7 @@
- [Pierre, Franck] parallel (presentation + examples)
- [Cyrille] dtw_cort_dist avec MPI
- [Cyrille] dtw_cort_dist avec MPI (done!!! To validate)
- [Franck, Raphaël, Cyrille] présentation 41_cluster.ipynb (Charliecloud pour
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