Commit 52bca793 authored by Guillaume Huard's avatar Guillaume Huard
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Error when files is not defined (e.g. use of a Makfile)

parent 30e2270c
......@@ -354,7 +354,7 @@ sub run_special($$$$$) {
copy($tmp_name, $name);
} else {
my $tmp_name = mktemp("/tmp/${name}_XXXXXX");
debug("Compiling $name with @{$special->{files}}, saving it to $tmp_name\n");
debug("Compiling $name, saving it to $tmp_name\n");
setup_env($name, $special);
my $data = run_special($name, '.compile', $special->{compile}, $special, 0);
if ($data->{failure}) {
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