Commit 2460abbc authored by Sylvain Coulange's avatar Sylvain Coulange 🌼
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desactiv agent

parent fd22d0e7
......@@ -608,8 +608,8 @@ def addStat(app, module, ip, agent, country, lang):
'app': app,
'module': module,
'ip': ip,
'agent': agent,
'country': country,
'agent': str(agent),
'country': str(country),
'lang': lang
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -349,7 +349,6 @@ def getLog(request):
return JsonResponse({"logs":rep})
def addStat(request):
if get_client_ip(request)!="":
colis = json.loads(request.body)
app = colis["app"]
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