Commit 96b131bf authored by Grégory Mounié's avatar Grégory Mounié
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Année 20-21

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...@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ ...@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
\usepackage{minted} \usepackage{minted}
\usepackage{todonotes} \usepackage{todonotes}
\date{2019-2020} \date{2020-2021}
\author{Matthieu Moy, Grégory Mounié} \author{Matthieu Moy, Grégory Mounié}
\title{\vspace{1cm}Git basics\\---\\MOSIG M1} \title{\vspace{1cm}Git basics\\---\\MOSIG M1}
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