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Let's start!

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- **Generalist**: good for several applications, [used with success in many fields](
- For academic purposes (teaching, research): **great scientific ecosystem**.
Nowadays, scientists must know a bit of Python... Good first language.
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## Let's start!
You can use your computer (but in this case you will have to be quite independent).
If you have only Windows on you PC, you need to use the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2).
- Visit the page (search for "Gitlab UGA" on Google)
- You can try to login. If you can't, just click on "explore". Search for "scientific" and click on "meige-legi / scientific-computing-m2-efm".
You have to find this project:
- Read the `` and follow the instructions in the file ``
......@@ -13,8 +13,6 @@ titles = {
"Oop inheritance": "Bonus: Object-oriented programming - inheritance",
"Packaging": "Packaging, documentation and unittest",
"Numpy scipy": "Numpy / Scipy",
"Wrapping": "Wrapping compiled code",
"Accelerators": "Tools to accelerate Python code",
"Parallel": "Parallel computing (CPU bounded)",
"Mercurial and gitlab": "Bonus: versioning with Mercurial and Gitlab",
"Environnement": "Bonus: interpreters, distributions, packages"
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