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# Dynamics Open-Source in Sciences
During the last decades:
- For scientific computing and computing clusters: Linux
- For scientific edition: LaTeX
During the last years, real boom of this dynamics.
- Open-Source is very strong independently of sciences
- Sciences use more and more Open-Source tools and methods
- Open-science
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### Github and Gitlab
Very popular web platforms to share and develop codes.
### Open-Source communities around languages
C++, Fortran, Python, R, Julia
On many aspects stronger than the close source equivalent (for example Matlab)
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### A Challenge for you!
(for the course Instabilities and turbulence)
- A report in LaTex with 2 parts:
1. your own study with your own figures and tables on what we'll learned on simple dynamical system,
2. A presentation on another subject of your choice on fluid instabilities and/or turbulence.
- Your own repository on containing the source of the code.
You will be marked on the result of the following commands so this has to work and produce the pdf `report.pdf`:
hg clone
cd report_research_project_template
make cleanall
evince report.pdf &
......@@ -15,7 +15,8 @@ titles = {
"Numpy scipy": "Numpy / Scipy",
"Parallel": "Parallel computing (CPU bounded)",
"Mercurial and gitlab": "Bonus: versioning with Mercurial and Gitlab",
"Environnement": "Bonus: interpreters, distributions, packages"
"Environnement": "Bonus: interpreters, distributions, packages",
"Intro-open-source-sciences": "Introduction Dynamics Open-Source in Sciences",
this_dir = Path(__file__).parent
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