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......@@ -9,14 +9,15 @@ titles = {
"Readwritefiles": "Read and write files",
"Import standard library": "Import statements and the standart library",
"Data struct": "Standard data structure (list, tuple, set and dict)",
"Oop encapsulation": "Object-oriented programming - encapsulation",
"Oop inheritance": "Object-oriented programming - inheritance",
"Oop encapsulation": "Bonus: Object-oriented programming - encapsulation",
"Oop inheritance": "Bonus: Object-oriented programming - inheritance",
"Packaging": "Packaging, documentation and unittest",
"Numpy scipy": "Numpy / Scipy",
"Wrapping": "Wrapping compiled code",
"Accelerators": "Tools to accelerate Python code",
"Parallel": "Parallel computing (CPU bounded)",
"Mercurial and gitlab": "Bonus: versioning with Mercurial and Gitlab",
"Environnement": "Bonus: interpreters, distributions, packages"
this_dir = Path(__file__).parent
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