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# Dynamics Open-Source in Sciences
# Open-source dynamics in Sciences
During the last decades:
- For scientific computing and computing clusters: Linux
- For scientific edition: LaTeX
During the last years, real boom of this dynamics.
- Open-Source is very strong independently of sciences
- Sciences use more and more Open-Source tools and methods
- Open-source is very strong independently of sciences (web, data, artificial intelligence, ...)
- Open-source tools and methods are more and more used in science
- Open-science
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### Github and Gitlab
Very popular web platforms to share and develop codes.
- Millions on projects and users
- Gitlab: open-source alternative that can be installed by any people, in particular Universities.
We can use the UGA instance:
### Open-Source communities around languages
C++, Fortran, Python, R, Julia
C++, Fortran, Python, R, Julia, ...
On many aspects stronger than the close source equivalent (for example Matlab)
On many aspects stronger than the close-source equivalents (for example Matlab)
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### A Challenge for you!
(for the course Instabilities and turbulence)
- A report in LaTex with 2 parts:
You will have to:
- Make a report written in LaTeX with 2 parts:
1. your own study with your own figures and tables on what we'll learned on simple dynamical system,
1. your own study with your own figures and tables on what we've learned on simple dynamical system (we will work on that!),
2. A presentation on another subject of your choice on fluid instabilities and/or turbulence.
- Your own repository on containing the source of the code.
- Work on your own repository on containing the source of the report.
You will be marked on the result of the following commands so this has to work and produce the pdf `report.pdf`:
hg clone
hg clone
cd report_research_project_template
make cleanall
evince report.pdf &
Of course, replace `yourusername` by your UGA username.
Don't worry, we'll learn everything you need to do that and to understand how it works!
A first step is to fork the project
- Login on
- Go to
- Click on the `Fork` button!
When it's done, please send a message in [this issue]( with the URL of your repository.
......@@ -16,7 +16,9 @@ titles = {
"Parallel": "Parallel computing (CPU bounded)",
"Mercurial and gitlab": "Bonus: versioning with Mercurial and Gitlab",
"Environnement": "Bonus: interpreters, distributions, packages",
"Intro-open-source-sciences": "Introduction Dynamics Open-Source in Sciences",
"Intro-open-source-sciences": "Introduction open-source in science",
this_dir = Path(__file__).parent
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