Commit 1df07ab3 authored by Mathieu Loiseau's avatar Mathieu Loiseau
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allow any name for DB

parent d5711f5e
......@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ class ScoreHandler{
$role = "scoreDevin";
$sql = "UPDATE `GoW`.`score` SET `$role` = `$role` + ($diff), `scoreGlobal`=`scoreGlobal`+ ($diff) WHERE `score`.`userid` = '$user_id' AND `langue`='".$this->lang_iso->french_for($lang_code)."'";
$sql = "UPDATE `score` SET `$role` = `$role` + ($diff), `scoreGlobal`=`scoreGlobal`+ ($diff) WHERE `score`.`userid` = '$user_id' AND `langue`='".$this->lang_iso->french_for($lang_code)."'";
if($this->db->affected_rows() != 1){
throw new Exception("store score in db : mais que se passe-t-il ? ($sql)");
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