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The data can be accessed from the link on this page. You will then be directed to the public OSUG ownCloud to download data files.
# Clé;Valeur;;;;
title;"Cryobs-Clim-CDP / Col de Porte : a meterological and snow observatory ";;;;
title:AlternativeTitle;"Col de Porte : a meterological and snow observatory ";;;;
title:Subtitle;"Col de Porte (CDP) site is part of several observations networks at the local level (Observatoire des Sciences de l’ Univers
de Grenoble, OSUG), at the national scale (Observation pour l’ Experimentation et la Recherche en Environnement CRYOBSCLIM et Service National d’ Observation des glaciers GLACIOCLIM) and at the European scale (International Long-term Ecological Research Networks). It is also labeled as a member of the World Meteorological Observation Global Cryospheric Watch Cryonet network and of INARCH network.";;;;
title:TranslatedTitle;"Cryobs-Clim-CDP : CRYosphere, an OBServatory of the CLIMate - Col de Porte";;;;
publisher;"CNRS - OSUG - Meteo France ";;;;
subject:main;"Alpine climate";;;;
contributorName:Distributor;"Centre d'Etude de la Neige (Meteo France – CNRS/ CNRM)";;;;
contributorName:Distributor;"OSUG Data Center (France)";;;;
contributorName:HostingInstitution;"Univ. Grenoble Alpes (France) ";;;;
contributorName:HostingInstitution;"CNRM (Météo-France , CNRS)";;;;
contributorName:Funder;"Meteo France";;;;
contributorName:Funder;"Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France) , Institut de Sciences de l'Univers (France) - INSU";;;;
contributorName:Funder;"Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers de Grenoble (France) - OSUG";;;;
contributorName:ProjectLeader;"Marie Dumont";affiliation;CNRM/CEN;nameIdentifier:ORCID;
contributorName:ProjectLeader;"Yves Lejeune";affiliation;CNRM/CEN;nameIdentifier:ORCID;
contributorName:Sponsor;"Infrastructure de Recherche Observation de la Zone Critique, Applications, Recherche (OZCAR) / Ministère de l'Éducation nationale, de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche et eLTER ";;;;
contributorName:Sponsor;"LabEx OSUG@2020";;;;
contributorName:ResearchGroup;"Centre National de la Recherche en Météorologie (France) - CNRM - France";;;;
contributorName:DataCollector;"Yves Lejeune";affiliation;CNRM/CEN;nameIdentifier:ORCID;0000-0002-1687-9713
contributorName:DataCollector;"Marie Dumont";affiliation;CNRM/CEN;nameIdentifier:ORCID;0000-0003-2043-9814
contributorName:DataCollector;"Jean-Michel Panel";affiliation;CNRM/CEN;nameIdentifier:ORCID;0000-0001-8330-3565
contributorName:DataCollector;"Matthieu Lafaysse";affiliation;CNRM/CEN;;
contributorName:DataCollector;"Philippe Lapalus";affiliation;CNRM/CEN;nameIdentifier:ORCID;0000-0002-7175-5270
contributorName:DataCollector;"Erwan Le Gac";affiliation;CNRM/CEN;;
contributorName:DataCollector;"Bernard Lesaffre";affiliation;CNRM/CEN;;
contributorName:DataCollector;"Samuel Morin ";affiliation;CNRM/CEN;nameIdentifier:ORCID;0000-0002-9142-9739
resourceType:Dataset;"Meteorological and snow observations site ";;;;
rights;"Data access and use are ruled by the CRYOBS-CLIM data policy.";;;;
rights;"Always quote below citation to Lejeune et al. (2018) when using data.
Lejeune, Y., Dumont, M., Panel J.-M., Lafaysse, M., Lapalus, P., Le Gac, E., Lesaffre, B. and Morin, S., 57 years (1960-2017) of snow and meteorological observations from a mid-altitude mountain site (Col de Porte, France, 1325 m alt.), Earth System Science Data, X(X), X-X, doi:X/essd-X. The following acknowledging sentence should appear in publications using Cryobs-Clim-CDP data and products: ""Cryobs-Clim Col de Porte is funded by Meteo France,, the Institut National des Sciences de l’Univers (INSU/CNRS), and the Observatoire des Sciences de l’Univers de Grenoble (OSUG / Université Grenoble Alpes)”. You are invited to contact the PI(s) or lead scientist for more information about the data and to include the acknowledgement sentence in any publication using the data.";;;;
description:Abstract;"The Col de Porte observatory is located near Grenoble in Chartreuse massif and is dedicated to study interactions between the cryosphere and the atmosphere at medium altitude. The site is managed by Météo-France (CNRM/CEN).The experimental site and related instrumentation are described in details in Morin et al., 2012 and Lejeune et al. (2018). Hourly meteorological data from in situ measurements (CRYOBSCLIM.CDP.MetInsitu) and from meteorological reanalysis (CRYOBSCLIM.CDP.MetSafran) are provided along with measured snow properties (CRYOBSCLIM.CDP.HourlySnow) and snow profiles (CRYOBSCLIM.CDP.SnowProfile) and measured solar radiation masks (CRYOBSCLIM.CDP.SolarMask). The daily snow and meteorological dataset covers the 1960-2017 period (CRYOBSCLIM.CDP.MetSnowDaily).
Snowpack models and atmospheric models have been evaluated at this site. Finally, Col de Porte is a target site to evaluate Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models in alpine terrain.
Cryobs-Clim-CDP is a Cryonet site of Global Cryosphere Watch (WMO), a member of the International Network for Alpine Research Catchment Hydrology (INARCH) and a part of OZCAR Infrastructure.";;;;
geoLocationPlace;"Col de Porte Observatory";;;;
geoLocationPoint;"45.30 5.77";;;;
Marie Dumont;CNRM/CEN;0000-0003-2043-9814
Yves Lejeune;CNRM/CEN;0000-0002-1687-9713
# CRYOBSCLIM Col Porte project:
# use templates for countries:
# use templates for each DOI:
# general data access URL:
# shared folder: /DOI/data/CRYOBSCLIM/CLP/
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