Commit 94ed9ab2 authored by Gabriel Moreau's avatar Gabriel Moreau
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Error in variable

parent e91ac17a
...@@ -168,7 +168,7 @@ function set_equipment_new($pdo, $categorie, $nom, $modele, $gamme, $equipe, $fo ...@@ -168,7 +168,7 @@ function set_equipment_new($pdo, $categorie, $nom, $modele, $gamme, $equipe, $fo
$status = $stmt->execute(array($categorie, $nom, $modele, $gamme, $equipe, $fourn, $achat, $tech, $reparation, $accessoires, $inventaire, $notice, $barcode, $loanable)); $status = $stmt->execute(array($categorie, $nom, $modele, $gamme, $equipe, $fourn, $achat, $tech, $reparation, $accessoires, $inventaire, $notice, $barcode, $loanable));
$err_msg = ''; $err_msg = '';
if (!$status) if (!$status)
$err_msg$arr = $stmt->errorInfo()[2]; $err_msg = $stmt->errorInfo()[2];
return array($pdo->lastInsertId(), $err_msg); return array($pdo->lastInsertId(), $err_msg);
} }
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