Commit 434e448d authored by Estéban Ristich's avatar Estéban Ristich
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Fix Issue #69 update parameter order in process function

parent 6752dd6b
......@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ if ( ($categorie != $equipment_selected['categorie'])
$modif = true;
if ($modif) {
$err_msg = set_equipment_update($pdo, $equipment_id, $categorie, $nom, $modele, $feature, $equipe, $fourn, $achat, $tech, $reparation, $accessoires, $inventaire, $notice, $barcode, $max_loan_day, $loanable);
$err_msg = set_equipment_update($pdo, $equipment_id, $categorie, $nom, $modele, $feature, $equipe, $fourn, $achat, $tech, $reparation, $accessoires, $inventaire, $notice, $barcode, $loanable, $max_loan_day);
if ($err_msg != '') {
$title = 'Erreur appareil';
$action = 'equipment-view.php?id='.$equipment_id;
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