Commit 3e24c70e authored by Estéban Ristich's avatar Estéban Ristich
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Fix Issue #62 Uncomment del_recipe_by_id function

parent 3f7355e0
......@@ -1465,7 +1465,7 @@ function set_recipe_new($pdo, $intervention_id, $file_field_name) {
$iostat = move_uploaded_file($recipe_tmp_file, $new_dir.'/'.$recipe_filename_kebab);
if (!$iostat) {
error_log('Error: not move recipe file '.$recipe_filename_upload.' to '.$recipe_filename_kebab);
// del_recipe_by_id($pdo, $recipe_id);
del_recipe_by_id($pdo, $recipe_id);
return false;
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