Commit 10d386a4 authored by Estéban Ristich's avatar Estéban Ristich
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Add hammer intervention icon

parent d3978458
......@@ -52,6 +52,7 @@ en_tete('Caract&eacute;ristiques de l\'appareil : <b>'.$equipment_selected['nom'
if ($logged_level >= 3) {
echo '<span class="option-right"><a href="equipment-del.php?id='.$id_equipment.'">'.ICON_TRASH.'</a>&nbsp;</span>'.PHP_EOL;
echo '<span class="option-right"><a href="equipment-edit.php?id='.$id_equipment.'">'.ICON_EDIT.'</a>&nbsp;</span>'.PHP_EOL;
echo '<span class="option-right"><a href="intervention-edit.php?equipment='.$id_equipment.'">'.ICON_INTERVENTION.'</a>&nbsp;</span>'.PHP_EOL;
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