Commit 896e14b6 authored by lavocat's avatar lavocat
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Protect event loop. Close #7

If anything bad append during the reception of an event, do not crash
the node. This allow a node still receiving kill signals from its
parent 6cfe7201
...@@ -1357,10 +1357,10 @@ class Erebor: ...@@ -1357,10 +1357,10 @@ class Erebor:
except queue.Empty: except queue.Empty:
pass pass
else : else :
#try : try :
event.execute() event.execute()
#except Exception as e : except Exception as e :
# self.flushprint("{}".format(e)) self.flushprint("{}".format(e))
def add_to_queue(self, event) : def add_to_queue(self, event) :
self.message_queue.put(event) self.message_queue.put(event)
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