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Commit 7861e5d2 authored by faquin's avatar faquin
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Add possibility to have full size parameter name

Some environnement like Spark do not send the argument with only one
dash. Allow the MPI_EXECUTOR to send arguments with the full name.
parent 12c21166
......@@ -6,10 +6,16 @@ from .mpi_jail import MPIJail
class MPIExecutor(Executor):
def __init__(self, name, command, jail, end=False, timeout=-1,
encoding=consts.encoding) :
long_opt=False) :
Executor.__init__(self, jail, end, name, timeout, encoding)
self.command = "{} -N {} -P {}".format(command, self.group.ID,
if long_opt :
self.command = "{} --NETWORK={} --PORT={}".format(command,
else :
self.command = "{} -N {} -P {}".format(command, self.group.ID,
def run(self) :
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