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Commit 61bc6452 authored by Thomas Lavocat's avatar Thomas Lavocat
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Bugfix : transit waiting messages to destination

parent 521b6144
......@@ -177,7 +177,7 @@ class Erebor:
else :
logger.warning("need to buffer the message for later")
if mpi_dnode not in self.mpi_wait_route_msg :
if "{}@{}".format(mpi_dnode, dnetowkrId) not in self.mpi_wait_route_msg :
self.mpi_wait_route_msg["{}@{}".format(mpi_dnode, dnetowkrId)] = list()
# buffer the message for later
self.mpi_wait_route_msg["{}@{}".format(mpi_dnode, dnetowkrId)].append([
......@@ -551,11 +551,14 @@ class Erebor:
elif decoded_message[consts.ACTION] == consts.MPIREG :
rank = decoded_message[consts.RANK]
self.mpi_routing_table[network][rank] = local_from
if rank in self.mpi_wait_route_msg :
for message in self.mpi_wait_route_msg["{}@{}".format(rank, network)] :
logger.debug("Registering {}@{}".format(rank, network.ID))
if "{}@{}".format(rank, network.ID) in self.mpi_wait_route_msg :
logger.debug(" Take wait messages ")
for message in self.mpi_wait_route_msg["{}@{}".format(rank, network.ID)] :
logger.debug("Send a queued message")
message[1], message[2], message[3], message[4])
del self.mpi_wait_route_msg["{}@{}".format(rank, network)]
del self.mpi_wait_route_msg["{}@{}".format(rank, network.ID)]
# clean all registered mpi ranks associated with this network.
elif decoded_message[consts.ACTION] == consts.MPICLN :
on_network = self.networks.get(decoded_message[consts.NETWORK])
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