Commit 52d7d208 authored by lavocat's avatar lavocat
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Related to #4 No need to print twice logs

Logs for subprocess without catching line object where printing twice.
This commit remove the unecessary printing and just leave a color
parent 56806300
......@@ -902,7 +902,6 @@ class Erebor:
self.propagate_dead_nodes(snode, snetid, error_nodes)
def subprocess_callback(self, networkId, txt) :"SUBPROCESS {}".format(txt))
dispactch = False
toremove = []
for i in range(0, len(self.running_commands)) :
......@@ -916,8 +915,9 @@ class Erebor:"end propagation")
if dispactch == False :
self.logger.warning(bcolors.WARNING+ txt +bcolors.ENDC) "SUBPROCESS {}".format(txt) +bcolors.ENDC)
else :
self.logger.debug("SUBPROCESS {}".format(txt))
for i in toremove :
del self.running_commands[i]
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