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Show number of started reports in description

parent 14852059
......@@ -67,3 +67,4 @@ $string['external_reports_descr'] = "Acccess to the students' reports, with the
// view as student
$string['gotoreport'] = "Access to the report";
$string['error_duplicate_teaming'] = "This mission is already attributed to this class. If you've just removed a similar activity, please wait a few minutes then retry";
$string['reports_started'] = "Started students reports";
......@@ -67,3 +67,4 @@ $string['external_reports_descr'] = "Accéder aux rapports produits par les étu
// view as student
$string['gotoreport'] = "Accéder au rapport";
$string['error_duplicate_teaming'] = "Cette mission est déjà attribuée à cette classe. Si vous venez de supprimer une activité identique, veuillez patienter quelques minutes et recommencer";
$string['reports_started'] = "Rapports étudiants commencés";
<div>{{{ description }}}</div>
<div> <strong>{{started_reports}} </strong></div>
<a href="{{redirecturl}}?token={{token_teaming}}" target="_blank">{{#str}}external_teaming, mod_labnbook{{/str}}</a>
......@@ -74,6 +74,8 @@ if ($isTeacher) {
$templateName = 'view_teacher';
$templateData['token_teaming'] = $fetcher->getTeamingTokenForRedirect($moduleinstance->labnbook_teamconfigid);
$templateData['token_reports'] = $fetcher->getReportsTokenForRedirect($moduleinstance->labnbook_teamconfigid);
$nStarted = $fetcher->getNumStartedReports($moduleinstance->labnbook_teamconfigid);
$templateData['started_reports'] = $nStarted." ".get_string('reports_started', 'labnbook');
} else {
// student view
$templateName = 'view_student';
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