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Verified Commit 8d4d1368 authored by David Beniamine's avatar David Beniamine
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Update teacher interface

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...@@ -59,12 +59,9 @@ $string['size_max'] = "Maximal size"; ...@@ -59,12 +59,9 @@ $string['size_max'] = "Maximal size";
$string['size_min'] = "Minimal size"; $string['size_min'] = "Minimal size";
// view as teacher // view as teacher
$string['external_teaming'] = "Manage teaming";
$string['external_teaming_descr'] = "Advanced teaming configuration using LabNbook interface";
$string['external_reports'] = "Manage reports produced by students";
$string['external_reports_descr'] = "Acccess to the students' reports, with the capability to annotate the content.";
$string['external_mission'] = "Edit the mission"; $string['external_mission'] = "Edit the mission";
$string['external_mission_descr'] = "Acces to the mission edition page."; $string['external_teaming'] = "Manage teaming";
$string['external_reports'] = "View and manage reports produced by students";
// view as student // view as student
$string['gotoreport'] = "Access to the report"; $string['gotoreport'] = "Access to the report";
...@@ -59,12 +59,9 @@ $string['size_max'] = "Taille maximale"; ...@@ -59,12 +59,9 @@ $string['size_max'] = "Taille maximale";
$string['size_min'] = "Taille minimale"; $string['size_min'] = "Taille minimale";
// view as teacher // view as teacher
$string['external_teaming'] = "Gérer la mise en équipes";
$string['external_teaming_descr'] = "Configuration avancée des équipes avec l'interface de LabNbook.";
$string['external_reports'] = "Administrer les rapports produits";
$string['external_reports_descr'] = "Accéder aux rapports produits par les étudiants, avec possibilité d'annoter le contenu.";
$string['external_mission'] = "Modifier la mission"; $string['external_mission'] = "Modifier la mission";
$string['external_mission_descr'] = "Accéder à la page d'édition de la mission."; $string['external_teaming'] = "Gérer la mise en équipes";
$string['external_reports'] = "Voir et gérer les rapports étudiants";
// view as student // view as student
$string['gotoreport'] = "Accéder au rapport"; $string['gotoreport'] = "Accéder au rapport";
<section> <section>
<h2>{{title}}</h2> <h2>{{title}}</h2>
<div> <strong>{{started_reports}} </strong></div> <div><p><strong>{{started_reports}} </strong></p></div>
<ul> <ul>
<li> <li>
<a href="{{redirecturl}}?token={{token_teaming}}" target="_blank">{{#str}}external_teaming, mod_labnbook{{/str}}</a> <a href="{{redirecturl}}?token={{token_mission}}" target="_blank">{{#str}}external_mission, mod_labnbook{{/str}}</a>
{{#str}}external_teaming_descr, mod_labnbook{{/str}}
</li> </li>
<li> <li>
<a href="{{redirecturl}}?token={{token_reports}}" target="_blank">{{#str}}external_reports, mod_labnbook{{/str}}</a> <a href="{{redirecturl}}?token={{token_teaming}}" target="_blank">{{#str}}external_teaming, mod_labnbook{{/str}}</a>
{{#str}}external_reports_descr, mod_labnbook{{/str}}
</li> </li>
<li> <li>
<a href="{{redirecturl}}?token={{token_mission}}" target="_blank">{{#str}}external_mission, mod_labnbook{{/str}}</a> <a href="{{redirecturl}}?token={{token_reports}}" target="_blank">{{#str}}external_reports, mod_labnbook{{/str}}</a>
{{#str}}external_mission_descr, mod_labnbook{{/str}}
</li> </li>
</ul> </ul>
</section> </section>
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