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......@@ -33,6 +33,8 @@ $string['labnbook_api_url'] = "LabNbook URL";
$string['labnbook_api_url_descr'] = "The URL to the root of labnbook, with a trailing slash. E.g.";
$string['labnbook_api_key'] = "LabNbook Key";
$string['labnbook_api_key_descr'] = "The secret key that grants Moodle access to the API of LabNbook. This key is provided by the LabNbook instance.";
$string['labnbook_institution_id'] = "LabNbook instituion ID";
$string['labnbook_institution_id_descr'] = "The LabNbook institution ID that will be assigned to this Moodle instance.";
// form
$string['instancename'] = "Header";
......@@ -54,7 +56,9 @@ $string['size_min'] = "Minimal size";
// view as teacher
$string['external_teaming'] = "Gérer la mise en équipes";
$string['external_teaming_descr'] = "Configuration avancée des équipes avec l'interface de LabNbook.";
$string['external_reports'] = "Administrer les rapports produits";
$string['external_reports_descr'] = "Accéder aux rapports produits par les étudiants, avec possibilité d'annoter le contenu.";
// view as student
$string['gotoreport'] = "Accéder au rapport";
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