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Commit e6cd6893 authored by aumgn's avatar aumgn
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[exp] Add env variable to modify the list of recorded perf events

parent bb0668d4
......@@ -4,7 +4,8 @@ set -e
export PERF_BASE_PREFIX="perf record -a -c 1 -e sched:sched_thread_placement,sched:sched_switch,sched:sched_load_update"
export PERF_EVENTS=${PERF_EVENTS:-"sched:sched_thread_placement,sched:sched_process_exit"}
export PERF_BASE_PREFIX="perf record -a -c 1 -e $PERF_EVENTS"
export PINTHREADS_PATH=$HOME/bench/tools/PinThreads
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