Commit afc3a503 authored by aumgn's avatar aumgn
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[exp/run] Use 'git submodules' to dump git hashes

parent ef4b2af5
......@@ -128,19 +128,14 @@ dump_system() {
sudo hwloc-distances >>$system_dir/topology 2>/dev/null
git-hash() {
git -C "$1" rev-parse HEAD
dump_versions() {
msg "# Dumping versions"
local version_dir=$RESULTS_DIR/version
mkdir -p $version_dir
git-hash $BENCH_PATH >>$version_dir/bench 2>/dev/null
git-hash $PHOENIX_DIR >>$version_dir/phoenix 2>/dev/null
git-hash $PARSEC_DIR >>$version_dir/parsec 2>/dev/null
git -C $BENCH_PATH rev-parse HEAD >>$version_dir/bench 2>/dev/null
git submodule -C $BENCH_PATH >>$version_dir/submodules 2>/dev/null
dump_args() {
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