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Commit 15c1b4f9 authored by aumgn's avatar aumgn
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Fix vips

parent d52b3dac
export VIPS_DIR=$PARSEC_DIR/pkgs/apps/vips
export VIPS_BIN=$VIPS_DIR/inst/amd64-linux.gcc-pthreads/bin/vips
export VIPS_INPUTS_ARCHIVE=$BENCH_PATH/tmp/parsec-inputs/pkg/apps/vips/inputs/input_native.tar
export VIPS_INPUTS_ARCHIVE=$BENCH_PATH/tmp/parsec-inputs/pkgs/apps/vips/inputs/input_native.tar
export VIPS_ARG_SIZE=500
......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ dump_vips() {
command_vips() {
echo IM_CONCURRENCY=$threads $cmd_prefix $VIPS_BIN im_benchmark orion_18000x18000.v output.v
echo IM_CONCURRENCY=$threads $cmd_prefix $VIPS_BIN im_benchmark \
$VIPS_INPUTS_DIR/orion_18000x18000.v $VIPS_INPUTS_DIR/output.v
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