Commit 7c4b0512 authored by Marc Coiffier's avatar Marc Coiffier
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Switch to a smoother autocommit workflow

parent 4c34fedc
set -ue
git checkout history
git merge "$commit"
git checkout master-new
git reset --hard history
git rebase -i master
git checkout master
git merge master-new
git checkout history
git merge master
git checkout autocommit
git rebase history
notify-send "Stack: Compilation completed successfully"
if [ ! -e .autocommit ]; then
git branch autocommit || :
git clone -b autocommit . .autocommit
GIT_DIR=.autocommit/.git git commit -am "Successful build (on $(date))"
GIT_DIR=.autocommit/.git git push
git commit -am "Successful build (on $(date))"
notify-send "New commit pushed to the autocommit branch"
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