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N=10 (default)

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......@@ -160,7 +160,7 @@ def get_biblio_structure(structure_name, structure_id, n_publi=100):
return files
def get_biblio_orcid(name='Chareyre',orcid='0000-0001-8505-8540',N=6,typesLists = [['journal-article'],['journal-article','conference-paper','book','book-chapter'],['all']]):
def get_biblio_orcid(name='Chareyre',orcid='0000-0001-8505-8540',N=10,typesLists = [['journal-article'],['journal-article','conference-paper','book','book-chapter'],['all']]):
BRIDGE_TYPES = {"ART": "journal-article", "COMM": "Conferences", "COUV": "Books", "THESE": "These"}
req = ""+orcid+"/works"
#req = "{s})&sort={so} desc&rows={n}&fl=*".format(s=idhal, n=N_PUBLI_MAX, so=SORT_BY)
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