Commit e6744b2b authored by Xavier Leroy's avatar Xavier Leroy
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Ensure compatibility with future versions of MenhirLib

After Menhir version 20210310, the `Fail_pr` constructor of the
`parse_result` type becomes `Fail_pr_full` with two extra arguments.

This PR enables CompCert to handle both versions of the `parse_result`
type in MenhirLib.
parent 6106e043
......@@ -72,12 +72,13 @@ let preprocessed_file transfs name sourcefile =
(fun () ->
Parser.translation_unit_file log_fuel (Lexer.tokens_stream name text)) ()
| Parser.MenhirLibParser.Inter.Fail_pr ->
(* Theoretically impossible : implies inconsistencies
between grammars. *)
Diagnostics.fatal_error Diagnostics.no_loc "internal error while parsing"
| Parser.MenhirLibParser.Inter.Timeout_pr -> assert false
| Parser.MenhirLibParser.Inter.Parsed_pr (ast, _ ) -> ast) in
| Parser.MenhirLibParser.Inter.Parsed_pr (ast, _ ) -> ast
| _ -> (* Fail_pr or Fail_pr_full or Timeout_pr, depending
on the version of Menhir.
Fail_pr{,_full} means that there's an inconsistency
between the pre-parser and the parser.
Timeout_pr means that we ran for 2^50 steps. *)
Diagnostics.fatal_error Diagnostics.no_loc "internal error while parsing") in
let p1 = Timing.time "Elaboration" Elab.elab_file ast in
Diagnostics.check_errors ();
Timing.time2 "Emulations" transform_program t p1 name in
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