Commit df103897 authored by Sylvain Boulmé's avatar Sylvain Boulmé
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insert CSE after constant propagation and before CSE2

=> useful to have a nice generated code for || (and also probably &&)
parent 716687e1
......@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ PARTIAL, Always, NoRequire, (Some "Unrolling the body of innermost loops"), "Unr
TOTAL, Always, NoRequire, (Some "Renumbering pre constprop"), "Renumber";
TOTAL, (Option "optim_constprop"), Require, (Some "Constant propagation"), "Constprop";
TOTAL, Always, NoRequire, (Some "Renumbering pre CSE"), "Renumber";
PARTIAL, (Option "optim_CSE"), Require, (Some "CSE"), "CSE";
TOTAL, (Option "optim_CSE2"), Require, (Some "CSE2"), "CSE2";
PARTIAL, (Option "optim_CSE3"), Require, (Some "CSE3"), "CSE3";
TOTAL, (Option "optim_CSE3"), Require, (Some "Kill useless moves after CSE3"), "KillUselessMoves";
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