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Truncation of array sizes when converting them to Coq's Z type

The size (number of elements) of an array type is represented as an OCaml int64 in the parse tree, and as a Coq Z in the CompCert C AST.  However, the C2C.convertInt function used to do this conversion produces a Coq int (32 bits) type, taking the array size modulo 2^32.  This is not correct, esp. on a 64-bit target.

This commit refactors C2C around three integer conversion functions:

convertInt32  producing a Coq "int" (32 bit)
convertInt64  producing a Coq "int64" (64 bit)
convertIntZ  producing a Coq "Z" (arbitrary precision)
parent f80498e1
......@@ -492,7 +492,9 @@ let make_builtin_va_arg env ty e =
(** Constants *)
let convertInt n = coqint_of_camlint(Int64.to_int32 n)
let convertInt32 (n: int64) = coqint_of_camlint(Int64.to_int32 n)
let convertInt64 (n: int64) = coqint_of_camlint64 n
let convertIntZ (n: int64) = Z.of_sint64 n
(** Attributes *)
......@@ -565,9 +567,9 @@ let rec convertTyp env t =
(* Cparser verified that the type ty[] occurs only in
contexts that are safe for Clight, so just treat as ty[0]. *)
(* warning "array type of unspecified size"; *)
Tarray(convertTyp env ty, coqint_of_camlint 0l, convertAttr a)
Tarray(convertTyp env ty,, convertAttr a)
| C.TArray(ty, Some sz, a) ->
Tarray(convertTyp env ty, convertInt sz, convertAttr a)
Tarray(convertTyp env ty, convertIntZ sz, convertAttr a)
| C.TFun(tres, targs, va, a) ->
checkFunctionType env tres targs;
Tfunction(begin match targs with
......@@ -720,8 +722,8 @@ let rec convertExpr env e =
| C.EConst(C.CInt(i, k, _)) ->
let sg = if Cutil.is_signed_ikind k then Signed else Unsigned in
if Cutil.sizeof_ikind k = 8
then Ctyping.econst_long (coqint_of_camlint64 i) sg
else Ctyping.econst_int (convertInt i) sg
then Ctyping.econst_long (convertInt64 i) sg
else Ctyping.econst_int (convertInt32 i) sg
| C.EConst(C.CFloat(f, k)) ->
if k = C.FLongDouble && not !Clflags.option_flongdouble then
unsupported "'long double' floating-point constant";
......@@ -733,7 +735,7 @@ let rec convertExpr env e =
let ty = typeWideStringLiteral s in
Evalof(Evar(name_for_wide_string_literal s, ty), ty)
| C.EConst(C.CEnum(id, i)) ->
Ctyping.econst_int (convertInt i) Signed
Ctyping.econst_int (convertInt32 i) Signed
| C.ESizeof ty1 ->
Ctyping.esizeof (convertTyp env ty1)
| C.EAlignof ty1 ->
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