Commit d8da5069 authored by Michael Schmidt's avatar Michael Schmidt Committed by Xavier Leroy
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Configure check for PIE (#55)

When checking for -no-pie and -nopie, evaluate gcc output for error message like 'unknown argument'.  (Relying on the error code is not enough.)
parent 14aad5e8
......@@ -432,12 +432,17 @@ int main (void)
return 0;
"$@" -o "$tmpout" "$tmpsrc" >/dev/null 2>/dev/null
errout=$("$@" -o "$tmpout" "$tmpsrc" 2>&1 >/dev/null)
errcount=$(echo "${errout}" | grep -ciE "(unknown|unsupported|unrecognized).*(option|argument)")
rm -f "$tmpsrc" "$tmpout"
return $retcode
# Test failed or error is logged to stderr
if [ "${retcode}" != "0" ] || [ "${errcount}" != "0" ]; then return 1; fi
# OK and no error was logged
return 0
# Test Assembler Support for CFI Directives
......@@ -462,12 +467,14 @@ fi
# Test Availability of Option '-no-pie'
# Test Availability of Option '-no-pie' or '-nopie'
if ($clinker_needs_no_pie) then
echo "Testing linker support for '-no-pie' option... " | tr -d '\n'
echo "Testing linker support for '-no-pie' / '-nopie' option... " | tr -d '\n'
if testcompiler ${cc} -no-pie;
then echo "yes"; clinker_options="${clinker_options} -no-pie"
then echo "yes, '-no-pie'"; clinker_options="${clinker_options} -no-pie"
elif testcompiler ${cc} -nopie;
then echo "yes, '-nopie'"; clinker_options="${clinker_options} -nopie"
else echo "no"; clinker_needs_no_pie=false
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