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Commit d54fef19 authored by Bernhard Schommer's avatar Bernhard Schommer Committed by Xavier Leroy
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Emit no entry for variables without init in json.

Variables without init do not generated any assembly code so no entry in
the json AST should be generated. They correspond to extern variables
without initializer that are defined in another compilation unit.
Bug 30112
parent 868da35c
......@@ -114,11 +114,17 @@ let pp_program pp pp_inst prog =
let prog_vars,prog_funs = List.fold_left (fun (vars,funs) (ident,def) ->
match def with
| Gfun (Internal f) ->
(* No assembly is generated for non static inline functions *)
if not (atom_is_iso_inline_definition ident) then
| Gvar v -> (ident,v)::vars,funs
| Gvar v ->
(* No assembly is generated for variables without init *)
if v.gvar_init <> [] then
vars, funs
| _ -> vars,funs) ([],[]) prog.prog_defs in
pp_jobject_start pp;
pp_jmember ~first:true pp "Global Variables" (pp_jarray pp_vardef) prog_vars;
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