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Commit d4c17317 authored by Cyril SIX's avatar Cyril SIX
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Increasing required OCaml version (Pervasives <-> Stdlib module renaming)

parent 1368c842
......@@ -584,9 +584,9 @@ esac
echo "Testing OCaml... " | tr -d '\n'
ocaml_ver=`ocamlc -version 2>/dev/null`
case "$ocaml_ver" in
4.00.*|4.01.*| 4.02.*|4.03.*|4.04.*)
4.00.*|4.01.*| 4.02.*|4.03.*|4.04.*|4.05.*)
echo "version $ocaml_ver -- UNSUPPORTED"
echo "Error: CompCert requires OCaml version 4.05 or later."
echo "Error: CompCert requires OCaml version 4.06 or later."
echo "version $ocaml_ver -- good!";;
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