Commit d270d2e1 authored by Michael Schmidt's avatar Michael Schmidt
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Remove mnemonics not exported to JSON from mnemonics list

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......@@ -24,15 +24,15 @@ let mnemonic_names = [ "Padc"; "Padd"; "Padds"; "Pand";"Pannot"; "Pasr"; "Pb"; "
"Pfcpy_fii"; "Pfcpy_fi"; "Pfcpy_sf"; "Pflid_lbl"; "Pflis_lbl"; "Pdmb"; "Pdsb"; "Peor"; "Pfabsd";
"Pfabss"; "Pfaddd"; "Pfadds"; "Pfcmpd"; "Pfcmps"; "Pfcmpzd"; "Pfcmpzs";
"Pfcpyd"; "Pfcpy_fs"; "Pfcpy_if";"Pfcvtds"; "Pfcvtsd"; "Pfdivd"; "Pfdivs"; "Pfldd";
"Pfldd_a"; "Pflid"; "Pflds"; "Pflid_imm"; "Pflis_imm"; "Pfmuld"; "Pfmuls"; "Pfnegd";
"Pfnegs"; "Pfreeframe"; "Pfsitod"; "Pfsitos"; "Pfsqrt"; "Pfstd"; "Pfstd_a";
"Pflid"; "Pflds"; "Pflid_imm"; "Pflis_imm"; "Pfmuld"; "Pfmuls"; "Pfnegd";
"Pfnegs"; "Pfsitod"; "Pfsitos"; "Pfsqrt"; "Pfstd";
"Pfsts"; "Pfsubd"; "Pfsubs"; "Pftosizd"; "Pftosizs"; "Pftouizd";
"Pftouizs"; "Pfuitod"; "Pfuitos"; "Pinlineasm"; "Pisb"; "Plabel"; "Pldr";
"Pldr_a"; "Ploadsymbol_lbl"; "Pldr_p"; "Pldrb"; "Pldrb_p"; "Pldrh"; "Pldrh_p"; "Pldrsb";
"Ploadsymbol_lbl"; "Pldr_p"; "Pldrb"; "Pldrb_p"; "Pldrh"; "Pldrh_p"; "Pldrsb";
"Pldrsh"; "Plsl"; "Plsr"; "Pmla"; "Pmov"; "Pmovite";
"Pmovt"; "Pmovw"; "Pmul"; "Pmvn"; "Ploadsymbol_imm"; "Porr";
"Ppush"; "Prev"; "Prev16"; "Prsb"; "Prsbs"; "Prsc"; "Psbc"; "Psbfx"; "Psdiv"; "Psmull";
"Pstr"; "Pstr_a"; "Pstr_p"; "Pstrb"; "Pstrb_p"; "Pstrh"; "Pstrh_p"; "Psub"; "Psubs"; "Pudiv";
"Pstr"; "Pstr_p"; "Pstrb"; "Pstrb_p"; "Pstrh"; "Pstrh_p"; "Psub"; "Psubs"; "Pudiv";
"Pumull" ]
type instruction_arg =
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