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Commit a9763cd4 authored by Léo Gourdin's avatar Léo Gourdin
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Adding missing operators in PrintOp for debugging

parent 6c72e95b
......@@ -156,6 +156,11 @@ let print_operation reg pp = function
| Osingleoflong, [r1] -> fprintf pp "singleoflong(%a)" reg r1
| Osingleoflongu, [r1] -> fprintf pp "singleoflongu(%a)" reg r1
| Ocmp c, args -> print_condition reg pp (c, args)
| Obits_of_single, [r1] -> fprintf pp "bits_of_single(%a)" reg r1
| Obits_of_float, [r1] -> fprintf pp "bits_of_float(%a)" reg r1
| Osingle_of_bits, [r1] -> fprintf pp "single_of_bits(%a)" reg r1
| Ofloat_of_bits, [r1] -> fprintf pp "float_of_bits(%a)" reg r1
| Oselectl, [rb;rt;rf] -> fprintf pp "selectl(b:%a, t:%a, f:%a)" reg rb reg rt reg rf
| _ -> fprintf pp "<bad operator>"
let print_addressing reg pp = function
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