Commit a4cfb9c2 authored by Xavier Leroy's avatar Xavier Leroy
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ARM modeling of registers destroyed by pseudo-instructions

Pflid destroys IR14
Inlined built-in functions destroy IR14
parent 0df99dc4
......@@ -696,7 +696,7 @@ Definition exec_instr (f: function) (i: instruction) (rs: regset) (m: mem) : out
| Pfsubd r1 r2 r3 =>
Next (nextinstr (rs#r1 <- (Val.subf rs#r2 rs#r3))) m
| Pflid r1 f =>
Next (nextinstr (rs#r1 <- (Vfloat f))) m
Next (nextinstr (rs#IR14 <- Vundef #r1 <- (Vfloat f))) m
| Pfcmpd r1 r2 =>
Next (nextinstr (compare_float rs rs#r1 rs#r2)) m
| Pfcmpzd r1 =>
......@@ -923,7 +923,7 @@ Inductive step: state -> trace -> state -> Prop :=
external_call ef ge vargs m t vres m' ->
rs' = nextinstr
(set_res res vres
(undef_regs (map preg_of (destroyed_by_builtin ef)) rs)) ->
(undef_regs (IR IR14 :: map preg_of (destroyed_by_builtin ef)) rs)) ->
step (State rs m) t (State rs' m')
| exec_step_external:
forall b ef args res rs m t rs' m',
......@@ -754,13 +754,15 @@ Opaque loadind.
econstructor; eauto.
instantiate (2 := tf); instantiate (1 := x).
unfold nextinstr. rewrite Pregmap.gss.
rewrite set_res_other. rewrite undef_regs_other_2.
rewrite set_res_other. simpl. rewrite undef_regs_other_2.
rewrite Pregmap.gso by auto with asmgen.
rewrite <- H1. simpl. econstructor; eauto.
eapply code_tail_next_int; eauto.
rewrite preg_notin_charact. intros. auto with asmgen.
auto with asmgen.
apply agree_nextinstr. eapply agree_set_res; auto.
eapply agree_undef_regs; eauto. intros; apply undef_regs_other_2; auto.
eapply agree_undef_regs; eauto.
intros. simpl. rewrite undef_regs_other_2; auto. apply Pregmap.gso. auto with asmgen.
- (* Mgoto *)
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