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fix broken link in index-kvx.html

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......@@ -278,7 +278,7 @@ This IR is generic over the processor, even if currently, only used for KVX.
<TD><A HREF="html/compcert.backend.Duplicate.html">Duplicate</A> (generic checker)</TD>
<TD><A HREF="html/compcert.scheduling.Duplicateproof.html">Duplicateproof</A> (generic proof)<BR>
<TD><A HREF="html/compcert.backend.Duplicateproof.html">Duplicateproof</A> (generic proof)<BR>
<a href="html/compcert.backend.Duplicatepasses.html">Duplicatepasses</a> (several passes from several oracles)</TD>
<TR valign="top" style="color:#000000">
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