Commit 8a77a2d4 authored by Cyril SIX's avatar Cyril SIX
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MPPA - Added CompCert tests

parent 1b8cf73a
......@@ -3,7 +3,8 @@ PRNG=../lib/prng.c
ALL= insertion-test-x86 insertion-test-k1c\
selection-test-x86 selection-test-k1c\
merge-test-x86 merge-test-k1c\
test-x86 test-k1c
test-x86 test-k1c\
all: $(ALL)
......@@ -19,12 +20,26 @@ test-x86: selection.c merge.c insertion.c test.c $(PRNG)
test-k1c: selection.c merge.c insertion.c test.c $(PRNG)
k1-gcc -g -O2 -std=c99 $^ -o $@
%.s: %.c
ccomp -O2 -S $< -o $@
test-ccomp: selection.s merge.s insertion.s test.s $(subst .c,.s,$(PRNG))
k1-gcc $^ -o $@
unittest: unittest-x86 unittest-k1c
check: check-x86 check-k1c
compc-check: test-ccomp
@if ! k1-cluster -- ./$<; then\
>&2 echo "ERROR k1c: $< failed";\
echo "k1c: Test $< succeeded";\
check-x86: test-x86
@if ! ./$<; then\
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