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Commit 6d4dc7ae authored by Cyril SIX's avatar Cyril SIX
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Outermost loop detection works

parent a4720c58
......@@ -306,21 +306,25 @@ let get_loop_bodies code entrypoint =
(* Returns a PTree of either None or Some b where b determines the node in the loop body, for a cb instruction *)
let get_loop_info f is_loop_header bfs_order code =
let loop_info = ref (PTree.map (fun n i -> None) code) in
let mark_iloop iloop =
let mark_body body =
List.iter (fun n ->
match get_some @@ PTree.get n code with
| Icond (_, _, ifso, ifnot, _) ->
let b1 = List.mem ifso iloop.body in
let b2 = List.mem ifnot iloop.body in
let b1 = List.mem ifso body in
let b2 = List.mem ifnot body in
if (b1 && b2) then ()
else if (b1 || b2) then begin
if b1 then loop_info := PTree.set n (Some true) !loop_info
else if b2 then loop_info := PTree.set n (Some false) !loop_info
| _ -> ()
) iloop.body
in let iloops = get_inner_loops f code is_loop_header in
List.iter mark_iloop iloops;
) body
in let bodymap = get_loop_bodies code f.fn_entrypoint in
List.iter (fun (_,obody) ->
match obody with
| None -> ()
| Some body -> mark_body body
) (PTree.elements bodymap);
(* Remark - compared to the original Branch Prediction for Free paper, we don't use the store heuristic *)
......@@ -962,9 +966,6 @@ let loop_rotate f =
((code, entrypoint), revmap)
let static_predict f =
debug_flag := true;
Printf.printf "Loop bodies: %a" print_ptree_oplist (get_loop_bodies f.fn_code f.fn_entrypoint);
debug_flag := false;
let entrypoint = f.fn_entrypoint in
let code = f.fn_code in
let revmap = make_identity_ptree code in
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