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New features:
- Support `_Static_assert` from ISO C11.
- Support `__builtin_constant_p` from GCC and Clang.
- New port: x86 64 bits Windows with the Cygwin 64 environment.
(configure with target `x86_64-cygwin`).
- The following built-in functions are now available for all ports:
`__builtin_sqrt`, `__builtin_fabsf`, and all variants of
`__builtin_clz` and `__builtin_ctz`.
- Added `__builtin_fmin` and `__builtin_fmax` for AArch64.
Removed features:
- The x86 32 bits port is no longer supported under macOS.
Compiler internals:
- Simpler translation of CompCert C casts used for their effects but
not for their values.
- Known builtins whose results are unused are eliminated earlier.
- Improved error reporting for `++` and `--` applied to pointers to
incomplete types.
- Improved error reporting for redefinitions and implicit definitions
of built-in functions.
- Added formal semantics for some PowerPC built-ins.
The clightgen tool:
- New `-canonical-idents` mode, selected by default, to change the way
C identifiers are encoded as CompCert idents (positive numbers).
In `-canonical-idents` mode, a fixed one-to-one encoding is used
so that the same identifier occurring in different compilation units
encodes to the same number.
- The `-short-idents` flag restores the previous encoding where
C identifiers are consecutively numbered in order of appearance,
causing the same identifier to have different numbers in different
compilation units.
- Removed the automatic translation of annotation builtins to Coq
logical assertions, which was never used and possibly confusing.
Coq and OCaml development:
- Compatibility with Coq 8.12.0, 8.11.2, 8.11.1.
- Can use already-installed Flocq and MenhirLib libraries instead of their
local copies (options `-use-external-Flocq` and `-use-external-MenhirLib`
to the `configure` script).
- Automatically build to OCaml bytecode on platforms where OCaml
native-code compilation is not available.
- Install the `compcert.config` summary of configuration choices
in the same directory as the Coq development.
- Updated the list of dual-licensed source files.
Release 3.7, 2020-03-31
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