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Commit 615644a4 authored by David Monniaux's avatar David Monniaux
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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/kvx-work-ssa' into kvx-test-prepass-ssa

parents 28660d64 e8df8a3a
Pipeline #54772 waiting for manual action with stage
......@@ -51,6 +51,7 @@ PARTIAL, Always, Require, (Some "Unused globals"), "Unusedglob";
PARTIAL, (Option "optim_redundancy"), Require, (Some "Redundancy elimination"), "Deadcode";
PARTIAL, (Option "optim_move_loop_invariants_s"), Require, (Some "LICM"), "LICM";
TOTAL, (Option "optim_move_loop_invariants_s"), NoRequire, (Some "Renumbering post LICM"), "Renumber";
TOTAL, Always, Require, (Some "Renumbering pre SSA"), "Renumber";
let post_ssa_passes =
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