Commit 600803ca authored by Xavier Leroy's avatar Xavier Leroy
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Remove -version-file option

It is specific to AbsInt's commercial version of CompCert.
parent 26ddb902
......@@ -25,26 +25,9 @@ let version_string tool_name =
let print_version_and_exit tool_name () =
Printf.printf "%s" (version_string tool_name); exit 0
let version_file_string tool_name =
if Version.buildnr <> "" && Version.tag <> "" then
Printf.sprintf "This is CompCert %s\nVersion: %s\nBuild: %s\nTag: %s\nBranch: %s\n"
tool_name Version.version Version.buildnr Version.tag Version.branch
Printf.sprintf "The CompCert %s,\nversion %s\n" tool_name Version.version
(* Print the version string to a file and exit the program *)
let print_version_file_and_exit tool_name file =
let oc = open_out_bin file in
output_string oc (version_file_string tool_name);
close_out_noerr oc;
exit 0
let version_options tool_name =
[ Exact "-version", Unit (print_version_and_exit tool_name);
Exact "--version", Unit (print_version_and_exit tool_name);
Exact "-version-file", String (print_version_file_and_exit tool_name);
Exact "--version-file", String (print_version_file_and_exit tool_name);
Exact "--version", Unit (print_version_and_exit tool_name) ]
(* Language support options *)
......@@ -105,4 +88,4 @@ let general_options =
Exact "-target", Ignore;(* Ignore option since it is already handled *)
Exact "-v", Set option_v;
Exact "-stdlib", String(fun s -> stdlib_path := s);
Exact "-timings", Set option_timings;]
Exact "-timings", Set option_timings ]
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