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Do not use "movs rd, rs" nor "movs rd, #imm" in Thumb2 mode.

Two reasons:
- The movs is not supported if rd or rs is r13 (the stack ptr register).
  Newer versions of GNU as reject it, older versions were probably
  emulating it.
- The purpose of setting the "s" flag on some operations is to
  enable 16-bit encoding in Thumb2 mode.  However, for "mov"
  it is the non-s form that has a 16-bit encoding; the s form
  is never more compact.
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......@@ -126,11 +126,14 @@ module Target (Opt: PRINTER_OPTIONS) : TARGET =
sub (but not sp - imm)
On the other hand, "mov rd, rs" and "mov rd, #imm" have shorter
encodings if they do not have the "S" flag. Moreover, the "S"
flag is not supported if rd or rs is sp.
The proof of Asmgen shows that CompCert-generated code behaves the
same whether flags are updated or not by those instructions. The
following printing function adds a "S" suffix if we are in Thumb2
......@@ -320,7 +323,7 @@ module Target (Opt: PRINTER_OPTIONS) : TARGET =
let print_int64_arith oc conflict rl fn =
if conflict then begin
let n = fn IR14 in
fprintf oc " mov%t %a, %a\n" thumbS ireg rl ireg IR14;
fprintf oc " mov %a, %a\n" ireg rl ireg IR14;
n + 1
end else
fn rl
......@@ -551,6 +554,9 @@ module Target (Opt: PRINTER_OPTIONS) : TARGET =
thumbS ireg r1 ireg r2 ireg r3; 1
| Pmla(r1, r2, r3, r4) ->
fprintf oc " mla %a, %a, %a, %a\n" ireg r1 ireg r2 ireg r3 ireg r4; 1
| Pmov(r1, (SOimm _ | SOreg _ as so)) ->
(* No S flag even in Thumb2 mode *)
fprintf oc " mov %a, %a\n" ireg r1 shift_op so; 1
| Pmov(r1, so) ->
fprintf oc " mov%t %a, %a\n" thumbS ireg r1 shift_op so; 1
| Pmovw(r1, n) ->
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