Commit 3cecb184 authored by Cyril SIX's avatar Cyril SIX
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MPPA - we now compare the results of our tests with k1-gcc

parent aa26db13
......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ TOK=$(addprefix $(DIR)/$(BINDIR)/,$(addsuffix .tok,$(TESTNAMES)))
ASM=$(addprefix $(DIR)/$(ASMDIR)/,$(addsuffix .s,$(TESTNAMES)))
DEBUG:=$(if $(DEBUG),"-dall",)
.PHONY: all
all: $(ELF)
nobin: $(ASM)
......@@ -33,23 +34,23 @@ $(DIR)/output/%.bin.exp: $(DIR)/%.c
.PHONY: check
check: $(TOK) sort mmult
.PHONY: coverage
coverage: $(ASM)
bash $(DIR)/$(ASMDIR)
.PHONY: sort
sort: FORCE
(cd sort && make compc-check)
.PHONY: mmult
mmult: FORCE
(cd mmult && make compc-check)
.PHONY: clean
rm -f $(DIR)/*.alloctrace
rm -f $(DIR)/*.cm
Subproject commit 5bdb081bc5fd4962315e960af3c539f2ddd24477
Subproject commit 88898ab230e813d5d03dc901ba4b906d2ef6bbb0
......@@ -11,4 +11,7 @@ fi
mkdir -p $(dirname $writefile)
sed -n "s/^.*\/\*\s*RETURN VALUE:\s*\([0-9]*\)\s*\*\//\1/p" $1 > $2
#sed -n "s/^.*\/\*\s*RETURN VALUE:\s*\([0-9]*\)\s*\*\//\1/p" $1 > $2
tmpbin=/tmp/k1-$(basename $1)-bin
k1-gcc -O0 $1 -o $tmpbin
(k1-cluster -- $tmpbin; echo $? > $2)
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