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Commit 0895388e authored by Xavier Leroy's avatar Xavier Leroy
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Coq 8.13.0 is supported

However it produces new warnings that should be investigated later.
parent 88567ce6
......@@ -503,19 +503,19 @@ missingtools=false
echo "Testing Coq... " | tr -d '\n'
coq_ver=$(${COQBIN}coqc -v 2>/dev/null | sed -n -e 's/The Coq Proof Assistant, version \([^ ]*\).*$/\1/p')
case "$coq_ver" in
echo "version $coq_ver -- good!";;
echo "version $coq_ver -- UNSUPPORTED"
if $ignore_coq_version; then
echo "Warning: this version of Coq is unsupported, proceed at your own risks."
echo "Error: CompCert requires a version of Coq between 8.8.0 and 8.12.2"
echo "Error: CompCert requires a version of Coq between 8.8.0 and 8.13.0"
echo "NOT FOUND"
echo "Error: make sure Coq version 8.11.2 is installed."
echo "Error: make sure Coq version 8.12.2 is installed."
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