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    Resynchronize the LICENSE file and the license headers in individual files (#45) · 9ccb6a24
    Xavier Leroy authored
    Some files are dual-licensed (GPL + noncommercial license), as marked redundantly in the license headers of those files, and in the LICENSE file.  OVer the years those two markings got inconsistent.
    This commit updates the LICENSE file and the license headers of some files so that they agree on which files are dual-licensed.
    Some build-related files were dual-licensed but some others were not.  Fixed by dual-licensing configure, Makefile.menhir, extraction/extraction.v, */extractionMachdep.v
    Moved lib/Json* to backend/ because there is no need to dual-license those files, yet lib/* is dual-licensed.  Plus: JsonAST did not really belong in lib/ anyway, as it depends on AST
    which is not in lib/
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