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For inquiries on this very specific version, contact:
## Testing the IntrinSec target of CompCert
First, compile CompCert for `intrinsec`:
1. you need a GCC compiler for RISC-V 32 (e.g. `riscv32-unknown-elf-gcc` installed from `sudo apt-get -y install gcc-riscv64-linux-gnu`).
2. you need to configure CompCert compilation for `intrinsec` (e.g. use [``](
3. then, run `make -j`.
Then, you may compile a C file into the IntrinSec assembly. For example, this produce a `nsieve.s` assembly file:
```./ccomp -S test/c/nsieve.c -o nsieve.s```
In order to run it, you need an IntrinSec assembler and an IntrinSec emulator, which we are not authorized to provide. If you are interested in, please directly contact Olivier Savry (``).
## License
CompCert is not free software. This non-commercial release can only
be used for evaluation, research, educational and personal purposes.
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