Commit b525fbe0 authored by Xavier Leroy's avatar Xavier Leroy
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No need for -R options, _CoqProject contains them already

parent e7b938f6
# Start coqide with the right -I options
# Start coqide with the right options
# Use the Makefile to rebuild dependencies if needed
# Recompile the modified file after coqide editing
INCLUDES=`make print-includes`
make -q ${1}o || {
make -n ${1}o | grep -v "\\b${1}\\b" | \
(while read cmd; do
......@@ -12,4 +10,4 @@ make -q ${1}o || {
"${COQBIN}coqide" -async-proofs off $INCLUDES $1 && make ${1}o
"${COQBIN}coqide" -async-proofs off $1 && make ${1}o
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